Paper Doll Ensemble, 2020

The newest piece from Paper Doll Ensemble, “Marry, Marry, Quite Contrary” is an absurdist parody of ABC’s The Bachelor with elements of True Crime. The piece will debut in co-production with Plays & Players Theatre, January 2020.

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Paper Doll Ensemble, 2018

“This Is How Girls Die” is a piece of devised theatre created by the Paper Doll Ensemble. Originally inspired by the Grimm Fairytale, Snow White and Rose Red, the piece is a modern exploration of what it is to be a woman. This absurdist tragicomedy follows three sisters who, after the death of their mother, lock themselves away in a cottage they fill with plastic and childlike wonder. There they remain until one sister can't take it anymore. Elements of fairytale and whimsy are still evident in this production, but other source materials such as the podcast Dirty John, and current events surrounding feminism and women’s rights have influenced the development of the show. This explosively physical and vibrant piece was performed at Plays & Players Theatre in Philadelphia, PA, in January 2019.

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The Hopefuls are a theatrical punk band with political predilections, bringing you the finest fair & balanced, nasty & sexy, coverage of the 2016 presidential election. Check out our work HERE!
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Butter & Serve Theatre Company, 2017

Student Cast Members of  The Night Witches ; Stephens College's 2016 Production

Student Cast Members of The Night Witches; Stephens College's 2016 Production

The Night Witches is a piece created and devised by Butter & Serve Theatre Company. When the piece was first premiered, originally called V, it played to a sold out run as a part of the 2014 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Taking on a new life, the piece has been developed into a fill length play, The Night Witches. During the fall of 2016, the full realization of the piece was created with Stephens College. The process was kicked off in Missouri by the entirety of Butter & Serve and it continued under the direction of company member, Vanita Kalra. 

The piece follows the lives of Soviet female fighter pilots during Germany's invasion and occupation of the Soviet Union in World War II. The women who joined the 588th regiment, later nicknames The Night Witches, flew harassment bombing campaigns instrumental in keeping the Germans in a constant state of paranoia. In the piece, we meet these women prior to the war and watch them through their attempts to join the war efforts as pilots, their triumphs and tribulations in battle, and their lives, however changed, after the war.